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4G/LTE Failover Solutions

Centerpoint Communications provides leading LTE backup Internet solutions to protect businesses of all sizes. When your primary Internet connection fails, traffic is automatically routed to your LTE backup connection and alerts are sent so you know to contact your Internet Solutions Provider.


Built to work with any existing firewall, TaikoSnap is our simplest solution and is capable of delivering a failover Internet connection in seconds. TaikoSnap is a high-performance solution made for smaller branch offices and operations. This type of system will allow anyone to install  an Internet failover that keeps operations online without extensive IT knowledge.


Designed to maintain today’s demanding business Internet needs, TaikoBlend allows you to utilize your existing firewall with the Centerpoint solution. It’s a low-cost option for businesses who already have dual-WAN capable firewalls or businesses who have more complex networking needs. This type of segmentation allows businesses to prioritize key Internet systems during downtime events.


This is a turn-key solution that includes everything needed to fully support a business' failover needs without compromising security. With multiple configurations available, this solution caters to larger IT teams and allows for more granular network segmentation. Our team works with yours to make sure that operations remain effective at all times and in line with today's business continuity plans.