Public School Districts and Charter Schools

Centerpoint has a long history in serving schools. From our early days providing TLS service in rural areas to present day, we've learned the importance of security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in day-to-day operations of a school's network. Here are some of the features the TaikoCloud Solution provides for schools.


Secure Connectivity

Schools have regulated requirements on how connectivity should be implemented and the standards for such are ingrained in the TaikoCloud Solution. Secure VPN's are a base feature of the Education Solution and help protect the traffic between schools and district offices that may contain sensitive and personally identifying information. 


Web Filtering & Firewall

Ensuring the online safety of our children is of utmost importance. The TaikoCloud Solution employs robust web filtering capabilities with the ability to manage restrictions to certain websites and allow access to others. Additionally, the firewall protects sensitive data that may be stored at certain sites from being compromised. 


High availability

Today's connected classrooms require... well... connectivity. additionally, the data needs to be backed up regularly to cloud, centralized and local storage. The TaikoCloud Solution allows schools to have redundant connection at certain sites to ensure survivability of their data and connectivity.