The TaikoCloud Solution

The Centerpoint Communications TaikoCloud Solution provides your business with all the services it needs to run smoothly and reduce operational expenses so you can focus on growth. With just one small Blackbox at each site, you have at your disposal the latest technology and the backing of the resilient Centerpoint Cloud in a fully automated application and network infrastructure.


HOme In the Cloud

The TaikoCloud Solution is built on scalable, resilient, and reliable cloud technology. It has a constant connection to the Centerpoint Cloud and provides you with the flexibility you need to run your business securely. 

Security at its core

TaikoCloud utilizes industry standard Secure Tunneling Technologies that ensure your privacy and identify threats to your business' valuable data. 


Grow in real-time

Having automation in our DNA allows us to be nimble with the needs of your network. You can Add, Delete, Move, and Manage all of your services with just the click of a button in your Personal Experience Portal. Additionally, you can get new sites up and running even before your infrastructure is ready with our Auto-Provisioning over 4G/LTE feature. 

Reduction in Cost

The TaikoCloud Solution allows you to reduce the amount of physical equipment you need to power and maintain. All of your essential network functions are built into one Small-yet-Powerful box. Any additional network functions can be spun up in minutes without having long and expensive purchasing, shipping, and installation cycles.