Industry Participation

At Centerpoint communications, we emphasize the value of participating in industry groups responsible for defining standards and developing open source solutions. It is through keeping our ear to the ground that we can innovate and stay on the leading edge of the technologies that make your services more resilient, simple, and secure.


The Linux Foundation

Participating directly in the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) enables Centerpoint to be close to the latest open source platform for end-to-end network and application automation.

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OpenConfig is a group of operators that write and integrate standard Yang data models for network services and applications. Participating in this effort helps Centerpoint contribute to standard models for abstract configuration management. This can then be passed onto our customers in the form of further automation and efficiency. 



To give our customers the most flexibility and resilience, Openstack is a core component of the BlackBox solution and Centerpoint's participation in this project is aimed at continuing to provide support for the latest in virtualization technology.