Whether you are a private practice with 2-5 sites or a network of hospitals with 10's of sites, the TaikoCloud Solution was built to meet the security and connectivity demands of your institution.


Data Security

As a Business Associate, Centerpoint will ensure it meets and exceeds the requirements set forth in the HIPAA Security Rule and ensure you are equipped, at all times, to comply with the Breach Notification Rule. We implement security measures to prevent attacks and breaches from the Internet. Additionally, we log sessions that go through our Taiko solution(s) to make sure you have the information you need if a breach were to be internal to your institution.


Bandwidth Optimization

Healthcare institutions need bandwidth and reachability. X-Rays and other imaging applications have to coexist with diagnostics tools and phone and printing systems. The hardware the TaikoCloud Solution is built on optimizes bandwidth and security to ensure you get the most out of your network and WAN connection.


Routing and availability

Connecting you sites to each other in a secure way is a fundamental function of the TaikoCloud Solution. With our expanded routing capabilities, you can also peer with other institutions or services in order to share resources and collaborate on projects. These peering connections are secure and resilient.