Our Goal

At Centerpoint Communications, we strive to provide you with the network connectivity services your company needs to grow and flourish. We provide solutions for your network and work with the IT Staff you trust to ensure your data is secure. 

With a rich background in Service Provider based business services and SMB managed services, Centerpoint brings the latest in Automation, Virtualization, and Software-Defined Networking technologies. We develop, test, and implement all of your services utilizing full network and application automation practices and tools make sure your services are fast, low-cost, and resilient. 

Additionally, our commitment to customer service is driven from a desire to help you run your organization smoothly. We understand the complexities involved in operating a network and want to allow you and your IT staff to focus on what's really important to your core functions.


How we do it

The Centerpoint TaikoCloud Solution provides an all-in-one solution for the Routing, VPN, and Security requirements of your business. We ship a Taiko to each one of your sites, it "Calls Home" and we take care of the rest. Secure tunnels are built, access controls are established, web filtering rules are installed, routers are configured... all automated, all secure.